Why is Self-Care Desperately Needed for Black Women?

When was the moment you realized you desperately needed intensive self-care or else?

For me, it was almost too late...

Photo by  Leighann Renee  on  Unsplash

I realized when I was flat broke, had no job, no back-up plan, no savings and I was 4 months pregnant in an abusive marriage. Once I began to take full-responsibility for the position I'd gotten myself into, the light bulb went off: I realized I had not been taking care of myself, loving myself nor investing my self. Not an iota. Not even a little.  If I had, the consequences of my life choices wouldn’t be set up to reveal that I was a woman who actually hated herself.

I was 39 at the time. My meager efforts were -as some would say- a day late & a dolla short.

Yet, I persisted. Hellbent on survival for the sake of my children, I started with them as the motivation & eventually shifted it the necessity of MY survival.

My breakdown from the aforementioned events + a few years of heavy chaos before that were in part due to my being a black woman & the unique challenges we face...

I could try to explain why self-care is so vitally & desperately needed for black women, but I will never say it better than the multiple black women who have all ready so beautifully articulated this important conversation.

Grab a cup of coffe, tea or Kombacha & read these insightful pieces...

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And finally, please see Black Girl + Mental Health, a tumblr which is a drop box of all things related to mental health & WOC.

As I'm sure you can surmise, there are several other articles out there to be linked. If you know of any you'd like me to add to this list please email me the links at: grace@buildaselfie.com.

As black women, we are just starting to touch the surface of this all-important & revolutionary self-work. No matter where you are in the process start leaning in deeper to your self-care, but it is thrust upon you in circumstances you wonder if you'll even live through.

Life hits hard, let's be ready.

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