Develop Rituals for Healthy Self-Care

For most of my adult life I thought self-care was deciding to take a bubble bath every time I felt stressed. It was an eye-opener to learn that healthy people actually practice small acts of self-care daily. Do you struggle to make self-care ritualistic?

I like to delineate the difference between ritualistic & habitual because ritual is defined as being prescribed...even ceremonial. The word ritual carries a deeper meaning which implies these acts are religious in nature.

Tell me, what is more holy than the ceremonial act of caring for your own body, mind, soul & spirit? The only set you'll ever have to carry you through life? It's ALL holy. If nothing else, our bodies are holy; the temple of God.

I believe we must first see our self-care as ritualistic before it becomes habitual. Once our self-care is so habitual we rarely have to think about it, we are truly living our best life.

When I began my self-care journey I incorporated a few practical steps: journaling, daily gratitude lists, daily positive affirmations, bulletproof coffee & becoming Vegan. (I will eventually do posts on each of these).

Photo by  Suad Kamardeen  on  Unsplash



Find your focus, then begin to practice ritualistically...religiously. Honor your body by showing up.

Try this strategy: decrease one thing + increase another.

If you smoke, reduce it. If you drink, cut back. If you’re addicted to sugar cut back. If you watch too much t.v., step away.

If you sleep 6 hours a night, move up to 7. If you only drink water once a day, move to twice. If you sit all day, walk during your lunch break. If you never read, start reading...any genre. Just read (or listen) to a book on a topic that fascinates you.

Radical self-love starts with highly intentional, ritualistic self-care.

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