Sleep Better Tonight. My Secret to Blissful zzzz's.

Ever since I had my 1st born son thirteen years ago, I’ve had all manner of sleep issues. Yes, much of that is due to now having 3 rambunctious children around, but even before that -while he was still in the womb- I started struggling with horrible insomnia.

Insomnia I thought would end once he was born.

Here’s what 41 year old me -Mama of a 2.5 year old- has to say to the younger version of myself: “hahahahahahahahahahahhahaha, You’re cute, boo.”

Nowadays, I still struggle with all manner of issues including but not limited to: restless leg syndrome, migraines, racing thoughts, inability to fall back asleep quickly & just overall sleeplessness. Even though my toddler sleeps through the night, I’m super aware of every time she sneezes or complains of being hot or cold. Even a whimper can sometimes bring me back to full awareness and thus the whole process of trying to fall asleep again starts again. Can anyone relate?

Enter Formula's Blueberry-Flavored Sleep Formula…

Enjoying my zzzz’s thanks to FitFormula's Blueberry-Flavored Sleep Formula

Enjoying my zzzz’s thanks to FitFormula's Blueberry-Flavored Sleep Formula

I had never heard of FitFormula before my friend Erin recommended I try out their FitFormula's Blueberry-Flavored Sleep Formula as well as the FitFormula's Blueberry-Flavored Calcium + Vitamin D.

This is a sponsored post, but my opinions are my own. I LOVE trying out new products and especially anything health related since I’ve been on this huge self-care kick.


I started taking FitFormula’s Blueberry Sleep Formula every night just before bed about 30 days ago. What I noticed was actually kind of huge…

First, I noticed I haven’t done very much reading on my Kindle Paperwhite like I usually do. I’ve been falling asleep much quicker after pouring one of these bad boys on my tongue. I could usually read for 15-20 minutes, now I barely get done looking at the Amazon Daily Deals before nodding off!

Second, I noticed I haven’t been quite as sensitive to noises and overall harder to wake. My husband gets up at 5am each weekday to head out for work & there’s been many more times when I’ve slept right through his alarm and his waking process.

Last, I’m happy that these products are vegetarian, gluten-free & have no fillers or preservatives. There is no sugar, no sodium & no artificial colors or calories.

In the last year or so, I’ve been moving towards making our entire home including toiletries, vitamins, skin-care & beauty toxin-free & I’m about 95% Vegan. (Meaning, occasionally you might see me out & about eating a Chicken taco) =) These products fit right in line with my requirements for vitamin & supplements.

You can add these products to your morning coffee, juice, smoothie, scrambled eggs, oatmeal, or even just mix it in water. No matter how you decide to take it, you’ll get your daily dose of Calcium + D with no gigantic pills to swallow. This is a must for me, as I can’t swallow any pills. (I know, I know).

Would You Like to Get Better zzzz’s?

If you’d like to try FitFormula's Blueberry-Flavored Sleep Formula, use my code “selfie” (all lowercase) for 50% off through 12/9!

(With my code “selfie” you can get ONE item half off. Feel free to choose their other products… the Classic Calcium + Vitamin D or the Blueberry-Flavored Calcium + Vitamin D).

I’m excited to start the Blueberry-Flavored Calcium + Vitamin D, especially since I suffer from Seasonal Affect Disorder & am still working to treat PTSD. I’m praying this easy-to-use regular dose of Vitamin D does my brain some good.

The offer Expires, 1/2/19 so hurry up & shop today!