You'll hear me say this a lot. (Most) black women should have a side hustle. In this day & internet age, bringing in an extra $200/mo to $2,000/mo has never been easier nor at the fingertips of the masses in this way.

I’m working towards 100% debt-free living, major philanthropical initiatives & providing generational wealth for my children. Creating multiple income streams is a huge value for me.

I firmly believe a huge part of growth and self-development is:

1) Creating a life of financial independence by yourself, for yourself & your future. (Whether married or not).

2) Taking healthy & appropriate risks.

3) Cultivating a strong belief in your future success + inspired action.

If you’re looking for a side hustle that makes sense, fits in with what you’re all ready doing, something you can do anywhere that is not MLM or network marketing, hit ya girl up. I absolutely love helping women figure out new ways to survive & thrive.